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A Trip Planner for Things to Do in Indiana’s Cool North

Plan Your Trip the Easy Way

Now that you’ve decided on a getaway to Indiana’s Cool North, you can get lots of ideas for places to go and things to do and even design your own itinerary with a few quick clicks on our online tool.

You pick the time, the region, the length of stay and tell us what interests you most. Presto! A suggested itinerary will pop up.

Go directly to the trip planner  …..or read the directions below to help navigate the planner.

Here’s How It Works


  1. Decide where you want to explore

    Explore all of Northern Indiana, or select a specific region by using the drop down menu in the “Explore by Region.”

    A host of boxes will pop up below with names of parks, recreation areas, lakes, activities, businesses, restaurants and more. You can click on each box for more information. Note that each box has a heart. You’ll use this later to help plan your itinerary.

  2. Go to the “Get Started” right above the suggestion photos

    This will bring up a simple 1-2-3 list to follow. (This list is not “live,” but just a way to guide you through.)

  3. Personalize Your Travel Style

    There are seven colored bars you can adjust to show your level of interest in the various categories, ranging from “Arts and Culture” through “Fun and Entertainment.”

  4. Choose Your Favorites

    Scroll through the pictured squares that are already on the screen for the region you have chosen, and tap the heart by each one that interests you.

  5.  “Create Itinerary”

    On the lower right of the screen hit the “Create Itinerary” in the blue circle.  A page will pop up asking you specific information on your travel plans: Season, Length of Time, and Specific Dates, if you have them. Choose from these (or select “Not Sure Yet”.) Then hit “Create Itinerary.” A suggested itinerary will pop up, giving you day-by-day ideas. You’re ready to plan your customized trip!