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Three Steps to 25 Chocolates

Blogger Tammy Tilley shares three simple steps for success at the annual Chocolate Walk in Shipshewana Saturday, November 17.

I really think chocolate should be its own food group, don’t you? After all, researchers have shown the benefits of eating chocolate. It’s high in anti-oxidants, it levels out sugar levels in the body, and it makes a person happy. It makes me happy, especially, because nobody knows the truffles I’ve seen.

Chocolate Expressions Turtle

A chocolate turtle at Chocolate Expressions

And I can’t wait to get into more truffles, among other chocolates, this Saturday, November 17, at the annual Chocolate Walk held downtown Shipshewana! How do you participate? Three easy steps:

1. Go to Aunt Millie’s Candies, third floor of the Davis Mercantile, to purchase your box, and where you’ll also receive a map of other participating retailers … and of course, you’ll get your first chocolate.

Aunt Millies Candies

Aunt Millie’s Candies

2. Use your map and visit 25 more participating stores, where you’ll get more chocolate.

3. Eat chocolate. Does it help to know all the proceeds go to a local charity? See you this Saturday, beginning at 9 am!

For more information, go online to or call at 800.254.8090.

Chocolate shoe at Annalea's Boutique

Chocolate shoe at Annalea’s Boutique