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Insider’s Tip for Porter Beaches

Porter County plays host to some of the best beaches on Lake Michigan, from West Beach all the way to Mount Baldy in the East. Porter County’s beaches run along the outside of the Indiana Dune State Parks. These parks are home to the most visited dunes in Indiana. With the protection of the state parks, these beaches remain in top condition and provide fun for the whole family. Also with six different beaches to choose from, it can be hard to figure out what beach is best suited for you. These next few days I will be providing an insider tip to make sure you pick the beach that is right for you.

West Beach
As you walk down the boardwalk to the vibrant 4-mile-long beach, you cannot help but notice all the natural beauty that surrounds you. From the towering dunes to the dense forests, there is more to see than water at this beach. West Beach is a perfect place to get away from the overcrowded lifestyle and enjoy the Indiana sun. If after a long day at the beach and the sun is too much for you and you want a break, don’t forget about the 3.5miles of hiking trails. These trails are very easily accessible boardwalks that allow visitors to take a chance to admire the panoramic lakeshore views from elevations reaching up to 110 feet! West Beach has a full-service bathhouse and ample parking.

Indiana Dunes State Park
The Indiana Dunes State Park is by far one of the most popular parks in Porter County. This park offers 3 miles of prime beach that is hidden in one of the nation’s finest examples of a preserved natural dune ecosystem. The park is also home to Mount Tom which is Indiana’s largest dune that will prove to be a challenge for any dune climber. Inside the park there is more than 16 miles of trails for hikers that want to journey to the heart of the park to see the true beauty of this state park. However if you plan on staying on the beach there is plenty of fun for the whole family, even the family dog is welcome to enjoy the fun. The park provides a historical bathhouse/pavilion, playgrounds, picnic areas, and campgrounds.