Grassy Indiana Dunes next to beautiful sand beach and ocean
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Porter County Beaches Continued

Kemil Beach
Kemil Beach is much more secluded and quiet than some of the other beaches. As you enter the park you will have the chance to enjoy an incredible scenic drive to the parking lot. Kemil Beach is a great place to enjoy the sun and float lazily out on Lake Michigan. At night make sure you take full advantage of the Dunewood Campground where you can enjoy a campfire on the beach as the sun sets on your day of relaxation.  Click Here to Learn More!

Lake View Beach
Lake View is a very popular beach and for good reasons. Not only does it have miles of beautiful beach to walk up and down but it also has an unforgettable picnic area. This picnic area is elevated well above the beach to provide an amazing view of the beach and the water. Lake View is also only a mile from the Beverly Shores Train Station on the South Shore which makes getting to the beach even easier! Click Here to Learn More!