Top 15 Outstanding Things to Do

Want to make the most of your precious vacation time when you travel to Indiana’s Cool North? Check out our top 15 things to do that are anything but ordinary. Of course this is just a sampling of all the awesome attractions and activities our region has to offer. What will you discover when you visit us?

Visit Shingle Shops – Explore the Amish back roads in LaGrange County

If you are looking for things to do in Shipshewana, LaGrange County’s Amish back roads are full of charmingly simple stores, workshops, and studios (also called Cottage Shoppes). You’ll recognize these small businesses by the signs—or shingles—that advertise their wares: cabinetry, baked goods, candles, honey, quilts, jams, candy, and more. The best part? You’ll often see the work in progress and have a chance to chat with the shop owner about their trade or craft.

The shops are often located on proud Amish farmsteads where these goods are created without the use of electricity. Savor the aroma of baking breads, cookies, pies and other treats coming from the house, or learn that the honey you’re buying comes directly from a hive kept on the property. Amish crafters are renowned for their furniture. In some shops you’ll find rockers, dressers and other finely crafted items with a smooth-as-silk finish that is second to none.

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