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OUR MISSION: Northern Indiana Advocates promote an environment in which individuals, businesses, and communities advocate for their share of resources, appointments and local control from state government.

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21st Century Talent

Advance policies that improve education, expand employer access to qualified workforce and promote lifetime learning,

Competitive Business Climate

Support tax, environmental, employment and economic development policies that help our 9-county Northern Indiana region thrive in a global economy.

Rural Investment & Re-investment

Encourage and support policies that help the rural communities of Northern Indiana be sustainable. Support agribusiness and technology that is rooted in rural Indiana.

World Class Infrastructure

Encourage creatively financed, sustainable, future-ready infrastructure connecting Northern Indiana to the world.

Northern Indiana Advocates (NIA) is a bi-partisan regional government affairs and advocacy effort that draws on the strengths and vitality of existing organizations to amplify a sustained advocacy effort on behalf of our region. We seek to add a layer of collaborative, coordinated, and complementary advocacy to issues of regional importance.  Working with public and private partners, our goal is to help our state legislators bring a bigger piece of the pie home to Northern Indiana. The lack of an initiative such as this has prevented our region from obtaining its share of resources, appointments and local control from state government.

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