About Us

Northern Indiana Tourism Development Commission (NITDC) is a regional partnership of stakeholders in northern Indiana. NITDC works in cooperation with state, regional and local economic development authorities, units of government and local businesses to boost core economic development and place-based identity in northern Indiana.

Mission Statement

Being the Northern Indiana brand custodian, convener and counselor by engaging citizens, cultivating and communicating experiences, attracting talent and investments and developing/enhancing sustainable organizations.

Statement of Philosophy

Northern Indiana can best achieve economic prosperity by creating a platform of understanding, engagement and shared ownership among regional leaders, and providing a framework for building an inclusive collaborative model. Through aligned collaboration the region shall increase the capacity of individuals and businesses so that the overall quality of life and quality of place can be enhanced. The NITDC will focus on the advancement of destination marketing, government affairs, advocacy and placemaking.

Partner Promise

NITDC commits to be a value-added provider that works collaboratively with state, regional, and local economic development, tourism and business organizations. NITDC will strive to focus on activities that promote the betterment of northern Indiana as well as the individual entities that comprise the region. NITDC seeks to create a significant intersection of regional sectors that will promote a more comprehensive, “better-together” approach.


Northern Indiana Tourism Development Commission
PO Box 588
110 W. Waterford Street
Wakarusa, IN 46573
574-862-1434 office
574-862-1979 fax


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