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Cornhusking Comp

October 06, 2018

An annual contest, celebrating Indiana’s rich farming history and traditions will take place on October 6th. At the competition, a husker will compete to pull the husks off of ears of corn by hand within a certain time limit. The time limit changes depending on which class the person registers to. Once time is up, the amount of corn successfully husked is weighed. Deductions can be made by a field judge who will make sure that all rules are followed in the competition. A gleaner will follow the competitor to pick up any missed ears of corn or corn that is not picked up by the contestant.

Winners of the competition could receive cash prizes and items donate by local businesses. The top three Indiana residents to place can proceed to the national corn husking competition. There are individual and team competitions, and anyone can compete.

Registration will run from 9a.m. to 3p.m. and the contest will begin “as soon as the teams of horses are on site and harnessed to go.” Fees to compete range form $5-$20 depending on the class, but parking and admission is free. The Pine Creek Church of the Brethren will offer food, and Clay Geyer hopes that if the weather permits there will be tents with activities for children at this year’s contest.


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Marshall County, Northern Indiana