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“God Bless America” at Elkhart’s Central Park

God Bless America will enjoy an extended stay in Central Park til Feb 2018

In celebration of the Quilt Gardens‘ 10th anniversary, the gardens welcomed special guests!  This past summer 56 stunningly realistic life-size Seward Johnson bronze sculptures in the distinctive downtowns and at Quilt Garden locations.

The festive atmosphere was topped off – literally – by the monumental-scale sculpture titled God Bless America. Johnson’s interpretation of the well-known Grant Wood painting, American Gothic – at 25-feet-tall – will tower over downtown Elkhart’s Central Park.

The Quilt Gardens and their sculpture displays have ended.  However, thanks to an overwhelming positive response, God Bless America monumental-scale sculpture will be sticking around past harvest and enjoying an extended stay in Central Park until February of 2018


Event Location:

Elkhart Central Park
101-199 E High St


Arts and Entertainment, Community


Amish Country, Northern Indiana