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Stepping Beyond the Beach

Porter County’s Beyond the Beach Discovery Trail is a must for adventurers

If you find yourself in Porter County this summer and are looking for something beside the wonderful lakeshore, don’t worry. Porter County has much more to offer. For starters, just off the beach Porter County has one of the largest lakeshore dunes in the world: Mount Baldy, a towering 123-foot tall living sand dune.

Along with the unique dunes in the area there is also some of the best bike and hiking trails in Northern Indiana that are suitable for the whole family. These bike trails provide bikers with a unique opportunity to get away from the busy city and enjoy a truly beautiful and unique ecosystem that surrounds the area. From thick hardwood forests to wide-open prairies, these trails have it all.

If you’re looking for a more relaxing way to spend the day, the dunes region has many great fishing spots from creeks and rivers to the fifth largest freshwater lake in the world, Lake Michigan. Also with all the great wildlife parks in the area, this is a paradise for avid bird watchers. With 12 of the region’s top birding hot spots, there is much to see from hawks to cranes. This unique ecosystem in this area provides a very essential habitat for many different types of birds.

Wining & Dining
After a long day of being out in nature, sometimes you need to wind down and have a drink. In that case you are in luck because Anderson’s Vineyard and Winery is right around the corner. This is one of the oldest Vineyards in the area and is famous for its light fruity wines that are grown in this region. But they don’t stop there. Anderson’s offers a wide variety of wines such as Rhubarb Blush and Blueberry.

These are just a few of the 52 stops on the Beyond the Beach Discovery Trail in the Indiana Dunes region. For more information, visit