12 Spring Instagrammable Places

Indiana's Cool North boasts Instagrammable locations that capture the region's natural beauty and rich history.  This diverse region offers visitors a plethora of Instagram-worthy moments, from the enchanting gardens adorned with spring blooms to the well-preserved history showcased in old mills, trains, and architecture. The picturesque backdrop provided by these elements is both unique and captivating, ensuring a memorable experience for all who visit.

Friday Night Live: Taco Fest

Soft shell tacos from Mila's Mini Market in Plymouth, Indiana.


July 7,  2023

LaPorte’s Friday Night Live featuring Tacos!  Who doesn’t love a taco? Taco Fest is a crowd favorite and you can join in the fun as local restaurants compete for the best taco.

Local food and beer, a pop-up artisan market, live music, and a warm welcome to all ages and pets — no wonder it’s a local favorite!

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  • 28 Minutes to Indiana Dunes
  • 49 Minutes to South Shore
  • 50 Minutes to Elkhart County

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