12 Spring Instagrammable Places

Indiana's Cool North boasts Instagrammable locations that capture the region's natural beauty and rich history.  This diverse region offers visitors a plethora of Instagram-worthy moments, from the enchanting gardens adorned with spring blooms to the well-preserved history showcased in old mills, trains, and architecture. The picturesque backdrop provided by these elements is both unique and captivating, ensuring a memorable experience for all who visit.

Indiana Dunes Wildflowers

Indiana Dunes Wildflowers

Indiana Dunes boasts a stunning array of wildflowers, making it a paradise for nature enthusiasts. The diverse ecosystem is home to over 350 species of wildflowers, including the vibrant purple coneflower, the delicate butterfly weed, and the iconic yellow dune sunflower. Exploring the trails of Indiana Dunes offers a captivating flower quest, where visitors can witness the beauty of these native blooms in full bloom, enhancing the natural charm of the area.

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  • 24 Minutes to South Shore
  • 18 Minutes to Michigan City
  • 60 Minutes to Elkhart County

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