12 Spring Instagrammable Places

Indiana's Cool North boasts Instagrammable locations that capture the region's natural beauty and rich history.  This diverse region offers visitors a plethora of Instagram-worthy moments, from the enchanting gardens adorned with spring blooms to the well-preserved history showcased in old mills, trains, and architecture. The picturesque backdrop provided by these elements is both unique and captivating, ensuring a memorable experience for all who visit.

Wakarusa Pumpkin Tree - a Fall Tradition


The 17 foot pumpkin tree in the center of downtown Wakarusa is a fall tradition.

There are a variety of food options in Wakarusa that afford a view of the tree.  Dine inside Cook’s Pizza or sit on the benches outside, or enjoy the ambiance from the outdoor tables at Shortstop Inn and the new Garage coffee shop.  Pick up some of your favorite old fashioned candy at the Wakarusa Dime Store.

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