Fall Color Spots in Indiana’s Cool North

The autumn foliage is about to burst into vibrant color.  You don't need to wait for the peak color to enjoy fall's spectacle; the early changing colors mixed with the contrast of the summer green makes for a stunning look.  If you are determined to wait for the peak color, keep watching around mid-October.   We've gathered some inspiration to help you discover where you can immerse yourself in the glorious colors of fall in Indiana's Cool North.

Fall Color Drives in the Indiana Dunes

Fall Color Drives in the Indiana Dunes 1


Looking for a place to view the fall foliage?  Indiana Dunes Tourism has put together a list of locales known for their stunning landscapes and they have even included two itineraries.

If you have a preference for experiencing the natural beauty through hiking or opting for a scenic drive while staying in the car, this is for you!  You can enjoy all the fall colors that the Indiana Dunes area has to offer.

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  • 18 Minutes to Michigan City
  • 26 Minutes to South Shore
  • 60 Minutes to Elkhart County

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