Local Favorites in Indiana’s Cool North

When seeking out the best places, always consult the locals!   And that holds especially true in Indiana's Cool North.  The locals know the best places to eat and enjoy life, including those surprising secrets in the region! Why not check out some of these places firsthand?  

Go on a Safari at Broken Wagon Bison


At Broken Wagon Bison in Hobart, majestic herds roam free across vast prairies, embodying the spirit of the wild. Families embark on immersive safaris, observing these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat. From educational tours to bison-themed activities, visitors forge unforgettable connections with nature, fostering a deeper appreciation for these iconic beasts.

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  • 30 Minutes to South Shore
  • 38 Minutes to Michigan City
  • 73 Minutes to Elkhart County

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