Summer Shopping in Indiana’s Cool North

In the leisurely days of summer, indulging in shopping remains a cherished pastime. Discover the charms of new communities while perusing through their shops! Indiana's Cool North offers a multitude of choices, ranging from delightful boutiques and artisanal stores to outlet malls. You might stumble upon a newfound favorite that will beckon you to return time and again!

Indiana Dunes Communities Shopping

A Shopping Guide to Indiana’s Cool North 1


Shopping in the Indiana Dunes Communities is a way to enjoy more than just the beaches and beautiful scenery.  Discover unique vintage treasures and explore upscale boutiques, with the potential to acquire exquisite handmade and specialty items.

Experience the essence of local culture by engaging with farmers and acquiring fresh organic ingredients, while also indulging in regional wines that you can take back home.

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  • 19 Minutes to Michigan City
  • 25 Minutes to South Shore
  • 62 Minutes to Elkhart County

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