Top 10 Food War Winners

Looking for a really great locally owned place to eat? We have 10+ suggestion.  Indiana's Cool North has hosted food wars over the years, so you know these winners are some of the best in the region!  The competition was fierce as locals voted for their favorite  burgers, tacos, breakfast, and pizza.  We've compiled a list of the top restaurants from all the various food wars to help you find some great food! See all the food wars here.

Railway Garden at Gabis Arboretum Displays History of American Railroads



Is there a train buff in your family? The Railway Garden at Gabis Arboretum enchants visitors with its intricate model trains weaving through meticulously crafted landscapes. Miniature bridges, tunnels, and lush greenery create a whimsical world where locomotives chug along charming tracks. This delightful exhibit captivates children and adults alike, sparking imagination and a love for trains and nature while sharing the history of American railroads.

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