Top 10 Holiday Lights in Indiana’s Cool North

You don't need to travel far in northern Indiana to find a really cool holiday light display!  Do you prefer staying in your car for a drive-thru?  Or would you rather get out and walk through a wonderland of lights? And Downtown lights offer both options -- drive around to view the lights or get out and take a leisurely stroll! See our Top 10 list to find your favorite lights.

Float Sixty - A Relaxation Practice

Float Sixty - A Relaxation Practice


What is floating?  The relaxation practice of being buoyant in approximately 10 inches of silky smooth water in a solution of 1,000 pounds of Epsom Salts. Float 60 or 90 minutes – some like it even longer! The temperature of the water is set to the body’s normal skin temperature.

The highly-controlled pristine environment has reduced sound and light allowing the creative, relaxed part of yur brain to come out and play.

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  • 20 Minutes to Michigan City
  • 25 Minutes to South Shore
  • 61 Minutes to Elkhart County

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