Top 15 Outstanding Things to Do

Want to make the most of your precious vacation time when you travel to Indiana’s Cool North? Check out our top 15 things to do that are anything but ordinary. Of course this is just a sampling of all the awesome attractions and activities our region has to offer. What will you discover when you visit us?

Amish Acres – Fun family-style dining

Dine under hand-hewn timbers and fill up on hearty Amish fare at this restaurant, located in the heart of Amish Acres, a complex that features shops, a theater, and living history activities that detail Amish culture. The restaurant itself is housed in a barn originally raised in 1870 and reconstructed in 1977. The food is as bountiful as it is authentic, featuring recipes in the Amish tradition.

Get a taste of the true Amish experience at a Threshers Dinner, a feast reminiscent of the hearty fare cooked for Amish men who worked the fields on threshing day prepared in wood-fired stoves and ovens. The dinners feature such delights as smoked ham, roasted chicken, beef and noodles, sage dressing, homemade breads with churned butter, and a host of pie choices, such as shoo-fly, apple dumpling and chocolate cream. Order off the menu for a family-style chicken dinner with all the trimmings, or lunches that include sandwiches or shepherd’s pie.

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