Ultimate Guide to Summer Family Fun

Summer family fun in Indiana's Cool North bursts with excitement. Families can splash in lake waters, explore sandy beaches, and hike through scenic trails. Museums, farms and waterparks and splash pads add to the vibrant atmosphere. Whether kayaking, biking, or simply enjoying picnics in lush parks, unforgettable memories are made under the summer sun.

49er Drive-In Theatre - Family Fun with a 1950's Feel


At the 49ers Drive-In Theatre in Valparaiso, families relish in timeless cinematic experiences under the stars. Snuggled in cozy blankets, they munch on popcorn, transported into cinematic realms on the colossal screen. From classic favorites to blockbuster hits, each night promises enchanting tales and cherished memories, illuminating the night sky with cinematic magic.

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  • 33 Minutes to South Shore
  • 29 Minutes to Michigan City
  • 60 Minutes to Elkhart County

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