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Quiz: What’s Your Cool North Travel Personality?

Just like each of our seven incredible counties are unique, so are the travelers that visit Indiana’s Cool North. We whipped up this fun travel personality quiz to help you craft the perfect Northern Indiana travel experience. Plus, we’ll give you some great recommendations for you to make the most of your time with us.

Illustrated quiz showing different Cool North travel personalities.


Outdoor Adventurer

Your ideal vacation means being immersed in the great outdoors. Around here, you’ve got tons of opportunities to do just that. We’ve got miles of trails perfect for hiking and biking, with some taking you through multiple counties in one trip! For a real challenge that’s definitely worth the reward of spectacular views, climb over 500 feet of sandy dunes when you take the 3 Dune Challenge at Indiana Dunes State Park. What about an adventure on the water? With lakes and rivers galore in Indiana’s Cool North, you can dive in to everything from river rafting to kayaking to fun fishing experiences.


Back Road Explorer

You’re always ready for a road trip! Driven by the curiosity of wanting to discover what’s around the next turn, you love seeing where the open road will take you. Explore the winding country roads of Indiana’s Cool North and you’ll not only find breathtaking views, you’ll also discover all the eclectic shops and attractions that make our corner of the country so special. From one-of-a-kind antiques to handcrafted Amish goods, to places that capture the true essence of small town America, there’s so much to see around Northern Indiana. The best part? You can experience almost all of it with a solid Sunday drive.


Culinary Connoisseur

For you, the term “foodie” is putting it lightly. You base your travel decisions on where to grab the best burger, pick up the perfect pizza, or take a bite out of some tasty tacos. From fine dining experiences to family-style feasts (and everything in between) there are more than enough diners, pubs, and restaurants to keep you well-fed in Indiana’s Cool North. And drinks are definitely a must. Breweries and wineries are pouring world-class pints and glasses all over Northern Indiana, and most serve up awesome food that takes pub grub to the next level.


Culture Collector

Learning about local life and culture is at the top of your itinerary. Love exploring museums, immersing yourself in great galleries, and taking in awesome live shows? You’re in luck, because you can do it all in Indiana’s Cool North. Check out our cool museums and brush up on everything from superheroes to steam engines to Studebakers. Art is all around in Northern Indiana. Visit stunning galleries showcasing cotemporary art or embark on an ArtWalk to soak in the local scene. Looking for live performances? How about a show at an Event Center or a Round Barn Theatre; or maybe a more intimate venue to listen to a live radio taping? Whatever your interest, we’re got the ideal cultural experience to add to your collection.

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